Our values

rooted in more than 25 years of experience.

Experience and capability of solutions

Placed in the environment of the sector health, in general of slow and very bureaucratic response, the Group Vegal is a company of medium size and property 100% Spanish, who offers to the international health sector a quick, effective and constant support to its demands that are in some cases urgently requested.

Quality compliance and commitment for the punctual execution of projects

In the Vegal Group we are aware of the continuous variations of quality requirements and health related provisions and therefore we convey to potential clients the irrevocable commitment of quality, compliance with dates of service/supplies, competitive prices and guarantees of performance after the installation, as well as, continuous training of the personnel.

Business view & specialization

The extensive experience of the teams/companies of the Vegal Group ensures that each project will be carried out by the most expert team with the most practical criteria for their development and execution.

Detection of high interest & contribution of financial solutions

The numerous international contacts allow detecting projects in their initial phases that contain a high social interest for the promoter countries and, therefore, more time is available to decide the convenience of participating in preferential conditions and to offer very attractive financing solutions.